Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Ice on the floor of the freezer:

This is generally caused by a plugged up defrost drain.  When the freezer goes into the defrost cycle the melted water is carried down through the defrost drain into the drip plan under the refrigerator.  There are times when the defrost drain becomes clogged up and cause the melted water to accumulate and then freeze.   In order to extend life of a refrigerator it should be regularly serviced to clean the drain and coils.


Ice maker is making ice that is not clean or tastes wrong:

The ice maker molds are coated.  Over time the coating breaks down and little pieces of the coating may get into the ice cubes.  This may happen as early as four years into the life of a refrigerator.  To correct this problem the ice maker should be replaced.  Regularly replacing the refrigerator water filer may delay the molding breakdown.


Refrigerator defrost-system problems:

Refrigerators have automatic defrost cycles to defrost away any unnecessary ice or frost build up.  There are times when the defrost-mechanism (heater, timer, fan and thermostat) fails and frost begins to build up on the back wall of the freezer compartment, and refrigerator compartment starts to warm up.  If one of the components of the defrost mechanism breaks, the defrost cycle fails also.  There are times when failure of one defrost-system components lead to failure of other components. These components should be examined by a professional and replaced. 


Dishwasher does not fill.

There is a float switch that controls how much water is allowed to enter the appliance (just like the float switch in the toilet tank).  The float switch is located in the tank of the dishwasher.  There are times when objects jam the float switch in the up position, shutting off the flow of water into the dishwasher. 


The dryer heats well, but clothes does not dry or takes way too long.

Overtime lint can build up inside the dryer duct or inside the house duct that leads to the outside.  This of course prevents the moist air from escaping the dryer leading to long dry times, low heat, and eventually more serious dryer mechanical issues.  Your dryer should be regularly serviced to increase its efficiency and frankly safety.


Clothes Washer/Dryer does not turn on:

Both washers and dryers have door switches.  The purpose of these is to prevent operation of the appliances when the door/lid is open.  If these appliances were to operate with the door open, it would be a serious safety issue as sometimes the drums spin at high speeds and may cause serious injury.  There are times when lid switches break shutting off electrical flow to the appliance.  Once the lid switch is broken it needs to be replaced.

Another possibility that a dryer is not running, is that there was an electrical surge of sort causing an internal thermal fuse to blow.  This is a protective mechanism inside the drier to prevent the electrical surges from burning up computer boards and such.  Once the fuse is blown, it needs to be replaced.


Clothes washer making noise when drum spins:

Motor coupling hold the motor in place, allowing it to spins the drum. There are times when the couplings break causing the drum may spin with a loud noise, or not spin/agitate at all.